Endorsement from Jeff Berlin

(two excerpts from interviews with Jeff Berlin in Guitar Player Magazine) What kind of strings do you use? Long-scale round-wounds made by Carl Thompson. They’re gauged .100, .085, .065, and .045, low to high. I’ve been using them for several years now. They’re without peer. For years I searched for the right strings – I… Continue reading Endorsement from Jeff Berlin

Guitar Player questions to the Editor

Could you tell me something about the origins of the modern 6-string bass? Who built the first one, and what companies manufacture them today? -Terry Chatreau, Los Angeles, CA Although Danelectro, Fender, and Gibson all built what they called 6-string basses in the ’60s, those instruments might more accurately be called bass guitars, with their… Continue reading Guitar Player questions to the Editor

First Bass Men

(excerpt) The Four-String Mutual Admiration Society Proudly Presents: Rush’s GEDDY LEE And Primus’ LES CLAYPOOL. The Blows Are Low, But Never Off-Bass GW: It’s been the Wal bass for you of late, right? LEE: In the last few years, yeah. It has a great sound – and a very flexible one. It’s an easy bass… Continue reading First Bass Men

Les Claypool gets a Taste of the Big Time

(excerpt of an article by by Karl Coryat) KC: How did you discover funk? LC: One day, a friend of mine said, “Geddy Lee is good, but he’s nothing compared to Stanley Clarke and Larry Graham.” I told him he was crazy, even though I didn’t know who those guys were. Then I saw Stanley’s… Continue reading Les Claypool gets a Taste of the Big Time

Les Claypool | Primus

(Excerpts from Bass Player Magazine, February 1993) GW: The bass line on “DMV” is really out there. Do you conceive of these things modally or what? CLAYPOOL: It just comes out of jamming – I think that one was a hotel room jam. I wrote it on my [Carl Thompson] six-string fretless [See Collector’s Choice,… Continue reading Les Claypool | Primus

An open letter to Bass Player & John Slog from Carl Thompson

(reference: Bass Player Magazine, Jun 97, Page 96) First of all I would like to thank Bass Player and John Slog for that wonderful picture of my Bass in the June 97 issue. Thank you kindly. However, there are a few points I would like to make clear. I didn’t spend my life dreaming about… Continue reading An open letter to Bass Player & John Slog from Carl Thompson

Japanese TV documentary

The Stradivari of the Electric Bass

Sound International, June 1979

Carl Thompson Guitar Maker by Colin Hodgkinson During the past few years a handful of young luthiers have become well known for beautiful handmade guitars and basses. One of the most respected of them all is Carl Thompson. Carl was born in 1939 in Pittsburgh Pa, the second youngest of eight children; five brothers and… Continue reading Sound International, June 1979

Letter From Erick Warner

Forward by Carl