The Stradivari of the Electric Bass
May 17, 2015
By Brooks Girman

Japanese TV documentary
January 25, 2009

Letter From Mike Benoit
October 1, 2003

 Letter From Erick Warner
(forward from Carl is included)
September 21, 2001

 Daily News
May 2003
By Gayle De Wees

 An Interview with Carl Thompson
Conducted 6/17/2000; Posted 4/14/2002
By Aaron Beharelle
May 19, 2001
By Volkmar Arnecke

 Allegro Newspaper
October 27, 2000
By Joy Portugal

 Bass Player Magazine
July, 1997
By Mikael Jannson & Scott Malandrone, pg. 22

 Brooklyn Bridge
July, 1997
By Rex Miller, pg 40

 Bass Frontiers
Volume 3, Number 4
By Carl Thompson
Page 39

 Bass Player Magazine
February, 1996
By Michael DuClos, pg 12

 The Bass Book
By Tony Bacon and Barry Moorhouse
Published by GPI Books, San Francisco
Copyright 1995, Page 56.

 American Guitars, an Illustrated History
By Tom Wheeler
Published by Harper Collins, NY, NY
Copyright 1992, Page 362.

 Guitar Player Magazine
March, 1985
By Tom Mulhern, pg 78

 Sound International Magazine
June, 1979
By Colin Hodgkinson, pg 78