Kello Gonzalez

Kello playing live in front of a concert audience

Born in Mazatlan, Mexico, Kello Gonzalez is a multifaceted musician who, from his first steps as a bassist, began fully in his search for the infinite possibilities on the instrument. His peculiar technique (influenced by non-conventional bassists such as: Cliff Burton, Les Claypool and Geddy Lee) has taken him to explore styles ranging from post-grunge, jazz, metal, to complete sound experimentation and progressive music.

Kello has a YouTube channel with 75 thousand subscribers worldwide to date (Nov. 2022). Periodically uploading content centered around the electric bass (technique, sound, equipment), with videos totaling close to 10 million views. He was voted “bassist of the year” by fellow musicians at the Osmium Metal Awards 2017 held in Mexico.

Kello has also worked as session player with various musicians and figures in Mexico and internationally; such as Akira Yamaoka in the release party of a new video game in the framework of E3 2016 in Los Angeles; was part of the FreeFire Rampage promo single launched July 2020 along with Matt Heafy (Trivium) and other international artists; as well as in studio recording, arranging and producing for independent artists in Mexico and Worldwide.

Invited to play at the Cliff Burton Museum in May 2022 at Ljugnby, Sweeden. Interviewed by Joel McIver for Bass Player Magazine .

Perhaps the story that Kello has created throughout his career is full of many more nuances and collaborations, but none like his current project Parazit, an ultra experimental power trio of capricious forms and tempos. This is where all the possibilities that arise in his head are brought to reality in extravagant and avant-garde ways. Besides Parazit, Kello is also an active member of the following bands: Nata (Hard Rock), CRS (Technical Death Metal) and Clandestino (Metalcore).

You can learn more about Kello and Parazit here:

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Kello owns five Carl Thompson basses, four 4-strings and one 6-string.

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Kello in concert