Letter From Mike Benoit

Well this is it! After roughly two years and nine months I finally got down to Carl’s shop in Brooklyn to pick up my brand-new bass. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny and every day spent. Owning a real work of art, one with months of time and years of experience put into it’s creation, is something that can’t be measured by time or money. I’m going to enjoy this instrument until the day I die or it breaks (hopefully the former will come first).

For my part, I would call Carl every few months to see how he (and my bass) was doing. Right from the start I understood that it would take a few years, what with all the other basses to be made before mine. And there were other setbacks like basses to be made for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, family illness or humidity. But through all that came my bass which I personally think is one of his best (of course!). So for all of you waiting out there all I can say is be patient with Carl. The man’s not an assembly line but the quality of his work is as good as it gets. The less time he spends fielding phone calls the faster he can work.

Anyways just wanted to say to everyone out there waiting hang in there because it’s so absolutely worth it!

Mike Benoit

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